Admission Process

Admissions at Newlands School

Newlands School welcomes children from all communities and ability groups. We are currently enrolling children from FS1 to Year 12 for the 2024-25 academic year.
To join our community, please complete the Application Form, submit the documents listed below, pay the Application Fee of 500 AED, and visit our admissions office. Our team will be happy to assist you throughout the admissions process.

Supporting Documents

  • One copy of Student and Parents’ current and valid passport
  • One copy of Student and Parents’ current and Emirates ID
  • One copy of Student and Parents’ current and valid UAE residency visa
  • One copy of Student’s birth certificate (in English or Arabic only)
  • One copy of Student’s previous two (2) year’s school/nursery reports (in English only)
  • Passport photographs of the Student
  • Passport size photograph Father and Mother
  • Copy of Student’s immunization records
  • Address Proof- Dewa/ Tenancy contract
  • Transfer/Leaving Certificate, signed, stamped, and attested by all necessary bodies.
  • Registration of child’s enrolment with KHDA: on confirmation of enrolment by the School, it is mandatory to register the child with the KHDA within the timelines defined by the School.

It is imperative that these documents are either submitted during registration or before the commencement of the next academic year otherwise we will not be able to register your child/children.

If you have just arrived in Dubai and you are still waiting for your visa to be processed, we are happy to accept your application whilst you gain these documents.  We will need copies once your visa and Emirates ID have been granted.

Your child will be invited to an assessment session at the School where they will take part in age-appropriate activities designed so that we can understand your child better.  These sessions are usually held with a small group of children.

Whilst your child is being assessed, our team would be delighted to learn more about your needs and interests and to answer any remaining questions that you may have.

We will confirm whether we are able to offer your child a place within 3 days.  To secure your child’s place, please pay 10% of the annual tuition fee and ensure that all documentation has been provided.  To comply with the Ministry of Education (KHDA)’s guidance, a Transfer Certificate and a Health Certificate are required before your child starts at Newlands.

Transfer Certificate Information

It is a Ministry of Education requirement that all students must submit a Transfer Certificate (TC) before they start school.

What is a Transfer Certificate?

A TC must be in either English or Arabic and be stamped with your current school’s stamp

  • Depending on the country that you are transferring from, the TC will need to be further attested before it can be submitted. See notes below for requirements by country.
  • All TCs must clearly state which year a student was promoted to at the end of the previous school year. Please pay particular attention to any variances across the school systems and, if in doubt, add the equivalent grade in Newlands School to the information.


A sample certificate is detailed below.

Which stamps do I need for my Transfer Certificate?

Stamp requirements are dependent on which country you are transferring from. Find your current school’s location below to determine the necessary attestations:

Students enrolled in UAE schools should have a transfer certificate from their previous school; this is a mandatory requirement for students in all grades.

New students from outside Dubai and entering Grade 2/Year 3 and above must have a transfer certificate from their last Grade/Year of enrolment. If this certificate is from another country, endorsements and ratifications must be provided according to the table below:

If students are transferring from…

This is what they’ll need on their transfer certificate:

Another emirate in the UAE or any GCC country

1. School principal’s signature and school stamp

2. Attestation by the Educational Authority in that Emirate or attestation by the Ministry of Education in the GCC country

North America, Western Europe and Australia

1. School principal’s signature and school stamp

Middle East (excluding the UAE), South and Central America, Asia, Russia and former Russian States, Eastern Europe, Africa and New Zealand

1. School principal’s signature and school stamp

2. Attestation by the Ministry of Education in the country of origin

3. Attestation by UAE Consulate or Embassy in the origin country OR by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE

Sample Transfer Certificate

Your current school will need to type the following information on their letter head. The Transfer Certificate will need the Principal’s signature and official school stamp.  It should be dated to show the final date that your child will attend the current school.


  1. Name:
  2. Date of Birth:
  3. Country of Birth:
  4. Nationality:
  5. Curriculum followed (IB, British, American, etc.)
  6. Date of admission:
  7. Grade student was admitted:
  8. Present Grade:
  9. Equivalent to which year in the British Curriculum? * Where needed
  10. Leaving Date: Completed year __________ and has been promoted to year__________ for the academic year____________. (This is only required for transfers taking place at the end of the academic year)

Signature of the Principal

Date: _________________ *Date to show the final date that your child will attend the school

School Stamp