Newlands School
Al-Warqa'a 1

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Our Community

At Newlands School, community participation and civic contribution will be promoted across all age ranges and subjects.

We will ensure that our students are proactive and responsible members of the school and wider communities, and frequently initiate and lead activities that impact positively. We will promote resourcefulness so that children take the initiative and manage their own projects and make reasoned decisions. The context of Dubai is very important to the school and the spirit of entrepreneurial action will be encouraged so that children can be exposed to the local expertise within the Dubai community.

The City itself provides a great learning resource and we will expose our children to its Heritage sites, modern architecture and infrastructure and world-class attractions.

The school and its student population will ‘study’ the City in which we are located, to model the qualities that we want our students to embrace.

Community Support and charity fundraising will be a central feature of the school. Community Service will be an option for older students. Each term, the school will work with the Red Crescent and provide support with a monthly collection run by the students’ charity committee; a number of other charitable projects will be undertaken each term. The school will encourage every child to have a community focus each year and their experiences will be planned, supported and monitored within the pastoral programme. Students will have some compulsory trips (e.g. class visits to museums or historical and cultural sites) and, from Year 4, a choice from activities like organising charity activities and fund-raising, supporting younger children and children in a special school, green projects for the school and local community, and contributing to the school newsletter and website.