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Innovation across the School

Dubai is a city of innovators. Newlands School will build innovation into the curriculum through a mixture of subject initiatives and cross-curricular opportunities. In both Primary and Secondary, students will:

  • tackle open-ended challenges and experience problem-solving which calls for innovative solutions in the subject curriculum
  • contribute as digital authors, using mixed media presentation and audio and video editing tools, to build their own ‘digital essays’ on issues of the day
  • be invited to participate in competitions and team challenges
  • take part in activities they nominate themselves to improve the school site and operations
  • undertake team, leadership, outdoor challenge and entrepreneurial activities in every year group
  • take part in global communications and exchanges which bring them into contact with global diversity


In the Primary section, many of the activities and challenges will be simulations, where imagination and creativity will be the prime area of interest. In the Secondary section, there will be more emphasis on real-world challenges (such as starting a business) and on design-and-make activities which can be tested for viability as well as imagination.

New technology tools will be used throughout the school, with projectors and smart screens in all classrooms. The school will coordinate, curate and check online resources so that technology use is both commonplace and safe. The preferred mode for students is for them to be digital authors more than passive recipients of online content and the school will encourage each subject department to nominate software applications that allow students to practise their knowledge and skills thoroughly, with active feedback. Students will learn to use editing tools, design tools and robotics.