Newlands School
Al-Warqa'a 1

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Facilities at Newlands School

Our School facilities have been designed to complement and supplement the learning. Our bright and spacious classrooms enable children to work independently or in groups and our specialist facilities offer a wide variety of choices for young children. The school facilities comprise of:

  • 42 standard classrooms
  • all FS spaces meeting KHDA requirements for separate entrance, ground floor location, and separation from the rest of the school – including an Activity Room featuring
  • FS layout featuring linked classrooms with corridors where supervised activities can ‘spill over’, immediate toilet access, and access to the outside FS play area
  • all primary classrooms from Years 1-3 on the ground floor, including an Activity Room
  • specialist art, media and music rooms
  • at least 6 Offices (Principal, Section Heads, SENCO, Counsellor and Finance Officer) and 2 staff rooms
  • 4 science labs with 3 of them as specialist labs (for secondary physics, chemistry and biology) and 1 general lab for primary
  • 1 specialist room for computing, coding and ICT
  • a multi-purpose hall
  • 1 library/learning centre and a staff development/training centre
  • a Special Needs base and resource centre
  • kitchen and catering facilities
  • a 10×20 metre swimming pool with changing facilities plus outdoor football pitch and cricket net
  • external play spaces of more than 1,100 sqm including separate areas for KG, primary and secondary
  • additional outdoor space for parking, access and for massing – meeting regulatory requirements for cars and buses
  • clinic space (doctor’s room, treatment room, nurses’ room, waiting areas) exceeding minimum guidelines
  • 2 prayer rooms for males and females separately (1 each, with their own ablutions)
  • premises will be designed to aid the mobility of students with physical disabilities