Newlands School
Al-Warqa'a 1

04 282 1200

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the school timings?

The school timings for FS 1 & FS 2 are from 7:30 am – 1:30 pm and from Year 1 to 9 are 7:30 am – 2:30 pm.

2. Do you have any branch in Sharjah?

Yes, we have one school in Sharjah, Al Khaleej International School. and one in Al Ain, Beaconhouse Private School.

3. Is it an “International school”?

Yes, Newlands is a part of Beaconhouse School System which is one of the largest private and international school networks in the world.

4. The parents who opt for distance learning, will they be having the same teachers as the children coming to school or will there be different teachers for them as parents want their kids to be at the same pace as children coming to school?

  • In year groups where we have enough student numbers for DL, a dedicated Distance learning class with a dedicated Homeroom teacher is in place.
  • Year groups where we do not have a full class for DL, live streaming of lessons take place with a dedicated teacher.


5. How’s the day plan work (library, breaksP.E, assembly etc )?

  • School timetables are in place for the different school models.
  • All children have the same lessons in each year group.
  • No assemblies take place as per KHDA Protocol.
  • PE lessons take place with social distancing guidelines.
  • Library lessons are integrated with Homeroom lessons.
  • Children eat their snack and lunch in classrooms and playtime is in the ‘Bubble groups’ they are placed. 


6. Parents who are opting for distance learning want to know why they need to purchase books as they did not use them in the previous distance learning

Books are a resource and not the curriculum.  Distance Learning also use books in one form or another.  We are hopeful that Distance Learning will be in place in the first term only and children will return to school after the pandemic is over.  

7. What will the timing be for distance learning?

The school timing for all school models, including Distance Learning, is the same.

8. How will children who have opted for complete distance learning receive their books? 

Parents will need to pick up books from the school at an appointed time. Please wait for communication from the school.

9. Is the Nurse/ staff Covid Trained? What are the safety measures in place? 

  • We have a doctor and a nurse on site.
  • Medical staff undergo DHA training periodically.
  • As always, we are working diligently to follow and exceed the stringent safety & hygiene guidelines set by the KHDA and Dubai Health Authority.
  • We clean, sanitize and disinfect daily.


10. Will kids younger than 4 be wearing masks all day? 

Children under six years are not mandated to wear masks unless parents wish them to.

11. Will there be shields to separate the kids in the classes? 

  •  In FS and Year 1, students are in bubble groups of not more than 10 children. Sneeze screens are placed to ensure a safe distance of 1.5 meters between children.  
  • Year 2 to Y 9 students are in bubbles of 13 children maintaining a distance of 1.5 meters and with Sneeze screens dividers where children are sharing a table.


12. Can school events still go ahead? 

School-wide events and activities such as assemblies, sports days, international days or performances are not allowed at this time.