Newlands School
Al-Warqa'a 1

04 282 1200 | 050 800 3460

Governance at Newlands

Newlands School will have a governing body that is reflective of the community of Dubai. We will invite different stakeholders to contribute to the direction-setting for the school and to hold the school leaders to account. The Governing Body (GB) has prime responsibility for quality assurance, working closely with the Principal to ensure that they has the right systems in place. The school will constantly be open to objective scrutiny, so it engages energetically in continuous improvement.  The Governing Body will include parental and independent representatives alongside the owners – it will meet regularly and will set the timescale, responsibilities, key tasks and deliverables for the Quality Assurance cycles.

The main role of governors in overseeing Quality Assurance will be:

  • Reviewing quality in all aspects of the school’s performance.
  • oversight of the school’s all-round performance signing off on all policies, on self-evaluation and appraisal, on inspection and accreditation processes and reports, on priorities and targets, and on school plans
  • oversight of the staff appraisal and classroom evaluation, and training and professional development programmes
  • monitoring that ensures that the school is meeting its aims and promises